Goonj.. a voice, an effort

Goonj uses under-utilized and excess urban household materials as a tool for rural development across 23 states in the country. The aim is to create strength, sustenance and dignity between cities and villages. We all share a state in this collective responsibility.
Sewa Roshni once again joined hands with AAN – Charitable trust on 7th January 2019. Aditya and Maeher along with their team of volunteers visited the Goonj Centre, Sarita Vihar to contribute a collection of shoes, clothes, utensils and books.
A meaningful & inspiring day was spent with the Founder of GOONJ Mr. Anshu Gupta at their processing unit.
“Indeed an invigorating experience.… learning how the employed ladies create sanitary pads for under privileged women of the villages and their bridal-gear from mataa's (goddess) old chunnis (robes) which have been discarded  by the people. All of this compelled us to think as to how we can do more for our society and give back honestly & soulfully.”- Maeher
Also according to Mr. Anshu Gupta, the need of the hour is to create a 'mob' effect of goodwill and giving. Simply campaigns and programmes don't suffice, we have to indeed create a movement!