SEWA ROSHNI " Spreading the light through service" is a dedicated growing NPO aiming to support children who face life's most difficult challenges. We attempt to help and support these underprivelegedchildren who live in poverty and  may not have access to healthy food, education or good medical care, Sewa Roshni helps them to live a better life.

Sewa Roshni believes in the mindset of “Making a difference ...changing lives”. We are working to create little differences so that these children find purpose, recover their dreams and enjoy their lives with full justice, potential and equality.


Children need people that they can count on to steer them in the right direction. That’s why we do everything to create awareness and provide resources for each child.

We provide education grants to them. We create awareness of " How to safeguard themselves" , therefore helping them to cope up with emotional and behavioral difficulties. And to prepare emotional, mental and physical development in their lives.

Focusing on growth, care & guidance, Sewa Roshni aims to create hope for the children and in our own way contribute towards changing lives.

We aim to motivate and educate Underprivileged government primary school children (New Delhi, NCR region) and slum children of Udham Singh Nagar Dehradun, Uttarakhand, especially girls and sensitise them regarding their safety and hygiene.

Our Collective volunteer team comes from various schools of New Delhi and Uttarakhand. Their enthusiasm and passion towards service of children is appreciable and worth respect.


Sewa Roshni promises to give a light of Courage to those who need it! 
To Share the pain and Hope of the children, to create a path
towards Respect and Dignity and along the way drive a
feeling of happiness.


“Making a difference ... changing lives” is our guiding principle to ensure a vital future
by Enriching lives with opportunities. Our Sewa Roshni team works with
the life-changing thought that " Even a single act of goodness can
have major rippling effects in the society".