Anaiya, Arjun and Maeher, since their early days, have spent most of their time vacationing in a small town in Uttarakhand- Kashipur. With their grandparents living there, Kashipur was a second home to these children. Kashipur has been an ancestral home to the family. There wasn’t much to do there, but the excitement in visiting their grandparents was always prevalent.

Kashipur, located on the foothills of The Himalayas, was mostly farm and forest. Their grandfather owned farm land where several fruits and vegetables were grown. They spent most of their time in these farms of Kashipur, where they plucked mangoes and litchis.

Plucking fruits from the farm has become a tradition among the siblings; every year, when the weather is pleasant, they go and pluck fruits. This summer, however, they came across a family living in the farm who, somehow, managed to change their outlook on life completely.

Coming across little children on the farm,Anaiya, Maeher and Arjun probably haven’t felt more privileged than they had at that moment. These little children came from poor backgrounds and could not afford great quality education. They went to school, but weren’t taught the basics of life.

As they interacted with these kids, they saw that, despite not having much water to drink, they didn’t exactly value water and didn’t use it correctly. On handing them a small bottle of bisleri, they, out of playfulness, thought it was more important to have a water fight than to actually drink this water.

As the cousins sat down to explain to the little siblings the importance of water, these children told the cousins about all the hardships that they have to face coming from poor backgrounds: How they don’t get enough to eat, or drink, how they have to work with their parents in order to earn wages enough for their sustainability, and how they aren’t able to give priority to school despite wanting to only awakened a feeling of helpfulness towards these kids.

Listening to these children’s plight, the cousins team felt inspired. They felt that, despite all the hardships in these children’s lives, they kept smiles on their faces and took everything in their stride. The cousins felt like they had imparted something from the innocent souls and had to help others like them.

This Inspired us to come up with " Sewa Roshni" with the thought of spreading light through service " and intent to Spread Love & Hope. 

The Thought : to teach and create awareness in underpriviledged children regarding their safety, keeping the schools and localities clean & saving Water. 
According to Anaiya, "Our Intent is not just to visit schools and villages for charity but to spend time with these children, share moments, communicate and to create long term friendships"  

Starting this non-profitable organization has changed Anaiya, Maeher and Arjun’s life for the better, as they feel that making a difference and helping the underprivileged is what blossoms our society into something wonderful.