Children Rights | September 2019


Under the Right to Development, Sewa Roshni is helping children attain all forms of development, either Emotional, mental or physical.

For the Emotional development, Sewa Roshni with AAN charitable trust is taking initiatives to ensure proper care and building a love support system for children. Under the Good Touch Bad Touch initiative, we educate children to break the silence "चुपी तोड़ो" , meaning of safe circle, raising your voice against molestation, child abuse and teasing.

For their mental development, Maeher and volunteer team have organised interactive workshops to create awareness of children safety at schools, homes and elsewhere.

We are providing education grants and spend time with the underprivileged children for the overall development of their minds.

By adopting parks, making children play and grow, Sewa Roshni is focusing on the physical development.