Project Spreading the Light

As the ongoing Covid Pandemic has restricted carrying out various activities through in person interaction.

Understanding that this would be ongoing challenge, our young founder, Neha Jaitly decided to take the learning to the underprivileged children of Kanakpur farm, Uttarakhand, virtually.

As Neha is a trained vocalist, she decided to teach the children singing once a week and get them ready for a performance for Independence Day. 

First step was to link them to the internet and then install zoom to be able to connect with the children virtually. The local team at the farm facilitated this, and Neha was able to start the lessons.

The session started with a simple talk about Good Touch, Bad touch followed by simple singing techniques and songs. The classes, albeit only about 45 minutes, brought out many budding singers amid smiles, a lot of laughter and joy which culminated in a joyful performance on Independence Day.

These classes are a little effort on behalf of Project “Spreading the Light” to continue to share knowledge and happiness even during and in spite of this pandemic. Neha plans to continue this through ongoing singing classes.