Project Sahai - A Covid Relief Initiative to help the children of TARA homes

About the Fundraiser

The current surge in COVID cases in India is being called "the world's worst outbreak." As India continues the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the isolation, lockdown, and suppressed economic activity have hurt families around the country, adversely impacting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and communities. Now, with health systems overwhelmed, many children and people are missing out on vital health services and losing lives to the deadly virus. To help the most marginalized children and communities at risk, Anaiya Naroola (founder of Project Promise - Dil Se Sewa) is mounting a humanitarian and relief response for the children of Tara Home who have tested positive.

  To ensure that this doesn’t become a crisis in the long term, 
Sewa Roshni team is continuously trying to contribute by spreading awareness regarding Corona safety and precautions. 
We are gearing up with the Covid Relief collection of our initial consignment.
Our first consignment was delivered on 28th May to TARA HOMES in New Delhi.
These children need our immediate & further Support. All these children come from vulnerable situations. 
Tara Homes has taken the responsibility of taking care of these children by providing them shelter, education, food & a home-like environment, and personalized attention so that they can develop their abilities and live a fulfilling childhood. The education they receive at TARA gives them all the keys to choosing their future and gaining independence. Sewa Roshni team will be working closely with Tara Homes to ensure that these affected people & children get life-saving medical aid. 
Our Team is delivering relief material which consists of gloves, masks, vitamins, paracetamol, thermometers, BP instruments, Oxymeters, PPE kits, etc. We are thankful to all the individuals who have come forward to support us in this endeavor. Our donation campaign is currently live and if you wish to contribute and support these children. You can pay directly via this link - www.impactguru.com/fundraiser/help-ms-naroola-charitable-trust