Neha Jaitly

Neha Jaitly

Neha Jaitly is 16 years old and is currently in Grade 11 at The Shri Ram School, Aravali Campus, Gurgaon India.  Drawn to the performing arts since early childhood, Neha is a trained vocal artist with a merit in the Trinity Grade 8 vocal examination. She has performed at multiple competitions and events. Her first public performance was at the young age of 10 when she performed to raise funds for the children of the Blind school. 

This early exposure to underprivileged children affected her young mind and instilled a motivation to contribute to the betterment of their young lives. Her many trips as a young member with her brother and cousin for their work through Sewa Roshni, inspired her to continue their work and take the mission forward.  

In this regard, she has collaborated with the young team and carried out many projects to this objective. She has been involved in numerous collection drives of stationary, toys and clothes for Tara, Goonj and various schools.

Neha was a key collaborator for the “Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch” awareness campaign in two government schools of Kashipur. A pledge was taken by the young volunteers to help get rid of child safety issues and be vigilant of Child rights. 

To mark the joyous occasion of Deepawali, she was part of the team that collected, sorted and distributed toys, books and diyas to primary school children.

Using her love of music for a cause, Neha assisted in the musical concert “Umeed Ki Kiran”. This was intended to send a clear message “Good Touch Bad Touch” and aim to get the children to speak up, through a joyful and universal medium.

Neha has also been involved in various school community service drives
. As she continues to progress, she hope to bring Sewa Roshni along and expand its influence, ultimately inspiring others to join her in “spreading light through service.”