Act for Food, Act for Change

On 22nd September a truly enlightening webinar on the topic of food waste and sustainability was organized under the mentorship of HealthSetGo, India.
The awareness program aims to sensitize the young of the country regarding existing food systems across the world and how we can create innovative solutions to reduce food wastage and promote sustainable practices.

The partnership with Act & Food- Act & Change campaign and the youth advocate leader - Anaiya Naroola with her team hosted the united nations food systems summit webinar (New Delhi) for the occasion of united nations general assembly on 23rd September 2021.

The event was graced by the presence of the guest speaker Ms.Archana Sinha, co-founder & CEO of Nourishing Schools Foundation. She spoke to the youth on the subject of food sustainability and techniques of food conservation. Ms. Priya Prakash, Founder & CEO of HealthSetGo also attended and guided the youth advocates. Advocates and attendees of the webinar brainstormed over the meaning, causes, effects, and solutions meticulously.

The session was extremely engaging and interactive quizzes were also part of the webinar. Hero-Action-Plans which included one-of-a-kind ideas on how to combat food waste were also discussed with wonderful enthusiasm. A pledge was also taken by all the advocates and participants to minimize food wastage and ensure efficient utilization of food products and ingredients at the simplest and most basic levels of our daily lives. Undoubtedly recycling, recovering, and preventing food waste is the way forward!

As the famous food activist Tristam Stuart says," We the people have the power to stop the tragic waste of resources if we regard it as socially unacceptable to waste food. I simply believe food is too good to throw away with a little imagination, there are a million ways to use up leftovers rather than bin them."


Organised :

  • Date : 22nd September
  • Venue : New Delhi